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v0.4: Improved mouse-controlled camera, max frame rate, use/interact (E).

You may use the green block as a substitute "button" for your use key.

v0.5: Custom block with orbit-like movement around a "center".

Also, "first-person shooter" changed to "first-person perspective".

v0.6: Changed back to standard 60 FPS, material changes for a hopefully faster performance and a more computer-friendly approach.

The mouse-controlled camera now mimics the one you see on an FPS! It was done during July 31-August 1,2015.

The "camera shake" problem when looking up or down on certain angles was finally fixed on August 5, 2015.

Also, sound effect test (with key press/release experimentation) when pressing "E".

v0.7: New and improved and realistic physics system implemented.

You can now jump smoothly (like from an FPS!) and crouch normally by using a "Ctrl" key...done between August 25-27, 2015.

And many more in-game improvements...


++ It has now a not-entirely-accurate pseudo object-to-object relativity detector.

++ Alpha/transparency capabilities have also been pushed.

+ Bullet calcaluations while crouching are no longer frame-rate dependent.

+ The already improved physics have been even more improved.


Version 0.8 will most likely feature an accurate O2O relativity detector and physics improvements.

Version 0.9 will most likely feature saving/loading and (less probable) features for modders.

The official version will feature the actual application of mentioned features.

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Published1 year ago
StatusIn development


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